December 21, 2020

 Wild, Wild Life

Here on this mountaintop, oh oh oh
I got some wild, wild life  - David Byrne

We are introducing an entirely new line featuring wildlife photographyfrom the renowned nature photographer Charlie Lansche. Charlie hales from the greater Yellowstone region and spends countless hours sitting and waiting for the perfect moment to capture creatures and landscapes at their finest moment.


Each image is a treasure, capturing a moment of our country's wonderful creatures in their natural elements.  

Grizzly bears, moose, elk, bison, majestic eagles...these are the wild things found in our national parks and national forest lands that are our country's inheritance.   As such, Americans come from across the country (and others from around the world) to see these beautiful landscapes up close.  We have tried to present these images so that we can be reminded daily of the existence of the still-wild places.

National Parks History

In the mid-1800's citizens started lobbying for protections from development and commercialization of America's treasured landscapes.  In 1864, Abraham Lincoln set the stage for the future with the Yosemite Grant act, effectively protecting the Yosemite valley and setting the precedent for lands to be put aside for public use and recreation.  Yellowstone was the nation's (and indeed the world's) first National Park, proclaimed by Ulysses S. Grant in 1872.

Instead of western land being transferred to private ownership as was common, 1,221,773 acres of what was to become Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho became the domain of the public.  Since then, the National Park Service has expanded to include over 84 million acres and 417 parks.  Annual visitation was over 331 million in 2016. 

Wearing the Wild

With this same preservation spirt, we have endeavored to bring these places to your everyday life. These hoodies will allow you to transport yourself to those wild places every time  you slip them on. The majestic lands and animals, the incredible images captured by talented photographers, and the the patented features like our innovative built-in neck gaiters combine with the fine materials and workmanship to bring you something entire unique and unexpected.



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