February 04, 2021

Warm  Water Fish---Bass and Walleye

Largemouth Bass and Walleyes are the fish of my youth.  Growing up in Wisconsin, we spent our summers on a weedy bay in tannin-colored Clam Lake...in the heart of the Chequamegon Forest.  Muskies, crappie, bass and walleyes were the typical fare.  I figure we caught one fish per 100 mosquito bites, but whether it was watching a bobber from the dock or rowing out to throw spinners and jigs, it was always worth the effort.

I also grew up with a great bass pond on our property outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  As soon as the ice was off we were putting away the hockey sticks and getting out the spinning rods. Panfish and largemouth on an ultralight rod were always great fun as we rowed our pram around the 5 acre pond.

Fishing has gone mainstream with tons of gear, high tech boats, fish finders and tournaments.  Professional fishing circuits like Bassmasters and Major League Fishing add legitimacy to what was a hobby many years ago.  Nowdays, I spend more time with a flyrod in my hand, but a trout coming to the fly is similar to a largemouth attacking a Jitterbug or Mepps any day.  

We've captured these moments in two of our newest offerings. The artwork of Al Agnew brings both Bass and Walleyes to life in our Fincognito brand.  The largemouth erupts from the lake as he attacks a salamander.  

 Bass sun protective fishing graphic hoodie.

Of course both of these new items utilize the same 150 gram UPF50 material as the rest of our SunPro Hoodie products.  And we include the patented neck gaiters featuring Loki Technology. We have chosen two different paintings for our Walleye fishing hoodies.

Walleye sun protective fishing hoodie with built in facemask.


Both of these hoodies take me back to the fish of my youth.  Great art can transport you unexpectedly...


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