Cognito Brands History

I learned to manufacture performance clothing when I launched Molehill Mountain Equipment, Inc. in 1994.  We specialized in making technical outdoor clothing for children.  When I sold the company in 2012, I had the feeling that I was not finished with company building.  Instead, I focused on my passion for fly fishing in bringing the most beautiful line of fishing clothing to reality. 

We teamed up with some of the best fly fishing artists around as well as world class manufacturing partners to bring about something entirely new and unexpected. Our hope is that this "wearable fish art"  surprises and delights everyone who sees these unique garments


We have now developed another brand, Mountaincognito.  This line features stunning photography in an all-over print format.  It is our hope that you will love all of the Cognito Brands' products, and that you stay tuned for what we are up to next.

Doug Faude, President
Cognito Brands, Inc.