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Getting It Right Redux

Back in 2014 I wrote this blog post:


Getting It Right | Fincognito Fly Fishing Escapades


Generally when I go on a major fishing trip with my friends, we spend weeks and weeks planning.  Logistics is an unavoidable part of of the experience if you want the trip to come off right.  When the day finally arrives we grab a breakfast burrito and some joe or hot tea, and we hit the road.  

Typically it only takes 2-3 hours to get to really good water from my home in northern Idaho, but on these extended trips, we need to make sure everyone's got their licenses and rod fees (if in BC).  I always like to stop into the local fly shops to spread the joy around...supporting those who's livelihoods depend on on making sales in those too-short summers.  We always appreciate getting the most up-to-date information on the hot fly.  Then we pick up the beer.  Then some ice. Then we stop at the local grocery store for the items we forgot to pack.

By the time we get near the water, we are all about ready to explode out of the car.  The anticipation and planning is finally all going to pay off. We will finally be able to do what we came here to do.

But first, we need to pick out a place and set up camp.  Out come the tents and sleeping bags.  We know we won't want to do it when we return (probably late) so we better do it now.  We make lunches because we know we'll need sustenance before the sun goes down.  We know we will need wood for the fire, so we collect in now so that we don't have to stumble around the woods in the dark.  We begin to rig up and the faster riggers of the party make their way into the water.  I will inspect my rig, help a few others tie on their flies, and make the last adjustments so that everything is just right. 

What I feel at that moment is exactly what I feel right now with the launch of my company.  Fincognito has been moving forward in fits and starts for over a year now.  Planning, designing, selling, creating, inventing, cajoling manufacturers, selling, launching social media, producing websites, selling, deciding, paying, borrowing, tracking, and more selling.  Then walking everything back as manufacturer after manufacturer slips their ship dates.  Their lousy promises become my lousy promises as I fail to live up to the quality service I expect out of myself and my company.  

Finally, the moment is just about here,  Inventory is on it's way to me.  I can begin sending out products.  I can begin serious marketing activities.  I can start assessing how the consumer is reacting to every aspect of our products. I will finally be able to do what I came here to do.

So, here I sit on the bank of the river hoping that I have gotten it right this time.

When I launched Cognito Brands, Inc.  we had a line of fishing apparel (Fincognito) and only a foggy vision for what lied ahead.  Now we seem well established, adding Mountaincognito and Oceancognito brands to our Fincognito brand.  We have created a dealer network and and have a robust internet presence.  We now have a 1400 square foot brick and mortar store in downtown Sandpoint.  Yet I can't help but feel like a start-up still.  It feels like we are on the edge of something. Well...here I am again sitting on the bank of the river and hoping I've gotten it right this time.


Great Performance Apparel Listed Below: 




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Beans Dodds
Beans Dodds

December 04, 2020

Doug Faude and original Fincognito company design the coolest and functional wear for outdoor 3 season use..

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